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Next to payroll, your largest expense is likely corporate insurance. Do you feel that you have the insurance expertise on staff to manage your internal insurance functions and reduce costs?

Large corporations staff full-time professionals often referred to as “Directors of Benefits” or “Directors of Risk Management.”  These experts carry out their internal fiduciary process to ensure reasonable fees.  They have also been given the resources to manage day-to-day insurance-related tasks.



Do you feel that your team’s time spent away from core competencies and profit centers to instead focus on insurance matters is inefficient and costly?

Many shareholders find that the time commitment associated with dealing with insurance renewals, managing the programs throughout the year, and keeping up with compliance is costly.



Someone is likely giving you corporate insurance advice.  Does this person receive monetary incentives (such as commissions and fees) based on your purchasing decisions?  Do you think those incentives may influence the advice you are receiving or not receiving?

Many executives feel like the insurance process manages them, instead of them controlling the process. They are frustrated with  last-minute renewals, increasing costs, and the advisory establishment whose compensation has inherent and entrenched conflicts of interest.  These executives are burdened by the status quo and are looking for new and proactive ways to manage their insurance costs.


KBIC is a niche Human Resources consulting firm born out of the insurance industry.  We are not an insurance brokerage.  Our team understands the frustration that surrounds corporate insurance, the burden it has on financials, and the level of expertise that is necessary just to stay afloat in the ever-changing corporate insurance environment.

Our founders knew in 2010, after serving in the insurance industry for a decade, that to truly advise objectively we could no longer sell our clients any insurance products.  To be unbiased, we could no longer accept any form of compensation (commissions, fees, dinners, tickets, golf rounds, etc.)  from the insurance industry.  100% of our revenue comes in the form of a direct wage paid by our clients in exchange for a specific scope of Human Resources duties related to insurance.

Although KBIC is not an insurance agency or broker, we still value the expertise brought by the right broker, and we are therefore committed to managing an educated vetting process.

50% of KBIC’s revenue is derived from Human Resources services related to Benefits.  The remaining 50% is generated from Property/Liability/Workers Compensation Human Resources services.



Understanding YOUR Goals


Your culture. Your program. Your budget. Our first step is understanding what you and your team want. Whether you know exactly what you want, or have no idea, we are here to listen first and then collaborate on proven strategies to meet your goals.  As contractual co-fiduciaries to your plan, we share in your responsibility to conduct a wise and conflict-free process to ensure reasonable plan fees and remain compliant.


Unbiased Market Research


At the core of a wise and conflict-free process, one must execute unbiased market research. We do not replace your broker, nor are we financially incentivized to steer you in the direction of any one broker or insurance product. We work on your behalf directly with brokers and various insurance personnel to objectively explore all of your options, regardless of the distribution channel through which they are sold.


Objective Recommendation


Unbiased market research yields a plethora of insurance variables that must be structured efficiently to create desired outcomes. KBIC can remain objective in this design due to the internal co-fiduciary role that we play. By understanding your goals, conducting unbiased research, and leveraging our insurance expertise, we create the most cost-effective plans supported by the vetted insurance partners.


Management + Concierge


You have now ensured that your goals have been met and your programs are competitive. It is now time to effectively integrate your insurance plans with your business. We conform with your technology platforms and manage communication between your company, your employees, the insurance industry, and the government.  As your business evolves, we continuously monitor and manage your programs throughout the year. Your team quickly identifies that your insurance management team (powered by KBIC) is quickly delivering on all of their internal insurance needs.


Andy Kaelin

Andy Kaelin

Andy began his career with a well-respected commercial insurance company that sold corporate insurance products to businesses nationwide. He is licensed in life and health insurance, as well as property and casualty insurance. During his time in sales and sales management, he realized that corporate insurance purchasers rarely were able to invest their time, energy and effort toward efficiently administering insurance cost control procedures and insurance management processes. As a result, the fiduciary responsibilities required to properly manage these programs were often unknowingly overlooked by employers…(read more)

Charlie Renie

Charlie Renie

Charlie has worked in the insurance industry for over six years as a producer for both a national mutual insurance company and a brokerage firm. He is licensed in life and health insurance as well as property and casualty insurance. In his first sales role, Charlie quickly rose to be a recognized sales leader in Group Health Insurance and has spent the past two years working at an independent agency specializing in Worker’s Compensation Insurance. His attention to detail and passion for serving his clients make him an invaluable addition to the team at KBIC. Charlie is involved in different aspects of account management…(read more)

Robert Brogan

Robert Brogan

Rob has been involved with small business his entire professional career. He is a founding member of KBIC and is licensed in life and health insurance. Rob’s entrepreneurial experiences have taught him the value delivering prompt service, a concierge approach that is a cornerstone of the KBIC service model. Rob specializes in account management and high level benefits administration. During his time at KBIC, he has been instrumental in harnessing technology to deliver a compliant benefits administration system for employers. This platform also delivers and provides…(read more)

Matt Heffernan

Matt Heffernan

After graduating Ball State in 2006, Matt went to work in paradise spending two years in the Virgin Islands! Upon his return to the States (and reality) in 2008, he started his career in the insurance business. In his six-and-a-half years at a well-known, national insurance company, Matt received the highest company achievements in sales production in areas of property & casualty, group health, and life insurance. Matt was consistently in the top 10% in health insurance production…(read more)

Jen Siegel

Jen Siegel

Jennifer’s background includes corporate training as well as corporate sales for two national companies over the past 20 years. Jennifer is licensed in life and health insurance and is a certified smoking cessation facilitator through the American Lung Association. She joined KBIC in 2013 and just like the rest of the KBIC team, her true passion is to help clients and their employees get the most out of their corporate insurance programs. She is involved in different aspects of account management including benefits administration, wellness program management and benefits insurance claims concierge…(read more)

Joe Bauer

Joe Bauer

Joe joined the KBIC team shortly after earning his BS in Marketing from Indiana Wesleyan University.  He is currently utilizing the client-service skills that he developed while working in the Poor-relief Division of the Lawrence Township Trustee’s office for the seven years prior to joining KBIC.  When Joe is not at work, he enjoys traveling with his wife Marie and daughter Tabitha, along with volunteering his time coaching basketball with the Catholic Youth Organization and Special Olympics.  Joe’s passions include sports, trivia, and spending time with family and friends.




Closely-held businesses who employ between 10 and 250 employees. These organizations’ finance and human resources teams were burdened by their corporate insurance duties, liabilities, compliance, costs, and the unknown consequences of their internal insurance management decisions.

KBIC’s fee-only, human resources, non-insurance sales approach allows our clients to objectively ensure value, remain compliant, and focus on running their business.

“KBIC maximizes our savings and delivers value in a compliant and efficient manner. They enhance my team’s ability to focus on our business and not the complexities of the insurance world.”
President, Franchise Auto Dealer

“KBIC handles the assessments, administration, and market comparisons of our health benefits as an arm of our business, as well as our employees’ inquiries, issues, and concerns with great confidentiality and care.”
VP of Operations, Commercial HVAC Contractor

“While they are an added cost, they have saved us 5X their fee in both cost (premium) savings and administration relief!”
VP/General Manager, Manufacturer

“Their recommendations are clear, simple, and achievable. We have found an insurance cost-control and government-compliance teammate to execute for us.”
President, Commercial Printing

“Personalized service from company owners, quick responses, available ‘off hours’ and weekends if necessary, one-stop service, great for growing companies not wanting to invest their own human capital in HR/Risk Management.  Not tied to other services such as banking, locally-owned and operated, capable of shopping for prices (as opposed to selling only their own products), help to identify and close any gaps in coverage.”

President, Mining Company

“I wanted to follow up with you about our KBIC experience. We just received our results and we saved over 25% this year on our insurance spend. Best of all, KBIC is communicating all of the nuances of the new program to our team and we get to stay out of the middle of it!”

Managing Partner, Financial Planning Firm

I have been thoroughly satisfied with all areas of [KBIC’s] service. I am very thankful for the job that [KBIC] does for us because insurance administration can consume a large part of my day and then my other work gets behind.  Again, thanks.”

Office Manager, Distributor

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