no longer losing money, time and talent to the administration and cost control of your corporate insurance programs.

Value Management

How can I maintain insurance value when my costs keep going up but the budget doesn’t?

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Cost Control

Why am I still uneasy about how to control my company’s insurance costs?

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Why am I uncomfortable with our bandwidth to develop a process that meets government compliance obligations?

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Employee Satisfaction

Why do my insurance expenditures continue to increase, but my employees’ satisfaction remains low?
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Insurance Administration

What could my team and I accomplish if we didn’t have to deal with the day-to-day demands of insurance administration?

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Who We Are

It is our business to understand the complexities of the corporate insurance landscape and your fiduciary obligations to your employees and shareholders. Because we are not an insurance broker and sell no insurance products we can easily act as your co-fiduciary while leading you through the constantly changing world of corporate insurance administration.

We will assist you in the navigation of selecting your insurance provider (broker / carrier / TPA), administrate your plan with your employees, and assure that you remain compliant with government agencies throughout the process. In short, we relieve you and your human resources department of the overwhelming burden of insurance administration and compliance responsibility.

Our expertise is a byproduct of our past experiences in the insurance industry. We can provide objective HR and insurance processes because we do not sell insurance, share in no revenue with any insurance provider or broker and remain 100% independent of service providers we choose for our clients.

KBIC Purpose

To relieve employers who are burdened by the administration of their corporate insurance programs.

Executive Resources

Time, talent and money – the valuable resources you lose…

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Administration Resources

Compliance and fiduciary liabilities are enough to frighten…

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Employee Resources

You have questions about your constantly changing insurance…

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Who Is KBIC?

Andy KaelinAndy Kaelin

Founding Partner

“The biggest kick I get out of my work at KBIC is watching for that moment when the client realizes that we have just taken a huge load off their shoulders and reduced their costs while doing it. No more worrying about insurance and benefit plan compliance or fiduciary responsibilities. That ‘ah-ha’ moment – it’s great!”

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Rob Brogan

Founding Partner

“I’ve always been energized by providing great customer service. The meatier the issue, the more I like digging into it. So when a client’s employee has an insurance issue, I’m all over it. Success is solving their problem quickly and clearly. Nobody likes dealing with claims, but my goal is to make it a little easier.”

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What Others Are Saying

…KBIC maximizes our savings and delivers value in a compliant and efficient manner. They enhance my team’s ability to focus on our business and not the complexities of the insurance world.”

John Pearson

President, Pearson Automotive

…They (KBIC) handle the assessments, administration, and market comparisons of our health benefits as an arm of Vanco, as well as our employees’ inquiries, issues and concerns with great confidentiality and care.

Jeremy Allen

VP of Operations, VANCO

…while they are an added cost, they have saved us 5X their fee in both cost (premium) savings and administration relief!

Steve Houston

VP/General Manager, Houston Machine Products

Their recommendations are clear, simple and achievable. We have found an insurance cost control and government compliance teammate to execute for us.

Thomas Fulner

President, Dynamark Graphics Group